Dark Brown Voice
Poem and Beat about trans representation in music.
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Boar taint.

47,000 burnt down acres, 

bodies being degraded,

Fear of America's hatred.

I'm queer but I don't feel like I'm here.

Faggots somehow cope without pushing the envelope, content

to gently put the lotion on the hose,

until they kick the little basket. 

I need hard-core porn to keep me out the casket,

When you were young you shone like a son, 

when you choose this life out the closet you're on your own, 

I need ATR, fuck a sapphic with an acoustic guitar,

I need noise, I need a dark brown voice, I need hell razed,

I need a molotov cocktail 

for a future assigned female.

No bitches messing with their pitch,

Cause castration always comes before representation, while our collective story dies of starvation.

What good did a rainbow flag and gay boys in drag ever do a trans fag?

Futanari Hutasu
Spiritual successor to Veal A Capella

created using only voice acted audio-pornography as sample.

Veal A Capella (2019) EP of electronic music created using samples of pornography. 

1. Blue Movie
2. Karla 

Taken Away (2020)

EP created during the early months of the COVID 19 quarantine.

1. Take Away
2. tAKEN aWAY 

Purple (2018)

A musical self portrait. Music video created with collage and

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.