Digital Mixed Media | 2022

I have found myself deep in a forest dark, a wood of endless pines. Dried needles stick into the calloused soles of my bare feet, as I walk circles in the middle of this misty gaol. I've lived a thousand years, and all of them were agonizing.

Every step torments me, and not a one takes my battered vessel closer to an escape from this cruel vale of tears. At night, the glowing eyes of beasts stare upon me. I hear their toothy maws salivate, prepared to tear apart the flesh of the weak. On the brittle forest floor, weird tendrils slink towards me, alongside twist footed ivy and entwin'd vines.

Worse yet, a dark fog of melancholia torments the mind. On this dismal pilgrimage, thousands have doffed their human forms, in petty hope to escape that murky, all oppressive gloom. That sublime doom. Their corpses now stiffen in the trunks of these high girdled pines.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.