My greatest passion is storytelling through the mediums of comics, illustration and music.

I’m a comic artist from Burlington, VT– the land of Bernie Sanders, Ben & Jerry’s, and a giant pit in the ground where the mall used to be. I like to think of myself as a punk romantic– someone caught between jaded postmodernism and earnest love for the ephemeral and sublime. 

I draw heavily from queerness, manga, horror movies, and a love of music– everything from George Harrison to Death Grips.

I can’t decide if my favorite movie is The Exorcist III or Paddington 2. 

The medium of comics is such a beautiful intersection of pulp authenticity, auteur spirit, and intense intimacy— for both the creator and readers. In my work, I try to create narrative experiences that sincerely and profoundly explore the bizarre, disturbing, empowering, and personal. 

Minneapolis College of Art and Design | Visual Studies in Comic Arts | Class of 2025
Champlain College | Creative Media BFA | Class of 2022